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Gli accessi a Internet dei tibetani

Tibet has 1.2 million Internet users
16:09, May 03, 2011
Tibet located on the “roof of the world” appears to be no longer remote and “solitary” thanks to the spreading popularity and linkage of the Internet.

The number of Internet users in Tibet reached 1.2 million as of the end of 2010, including 104,000 broadband Internet users and 1.1 million mobile Internet users, according to the latest data released by the Communications Administration Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Internet has become the most convenient channel for interactive communications between Tibet and the world. Seemingly not worth mentioning compared with 450 million Internet users and 277 million mobile Internet users in China, the number of Tibet’s Internet users is significant because it accounts for about 50 percent of Tibet’s total population of 2.8 million.

Tibet has shaken off its backwardness and gradually embarked on the road of reform, opening-up and development 60 years ago.

Thanks to more than 30 years of market-oriented reforms, Tibet has had new development opportunities. Searching various types of information online using search engines, frequently exchanging ideas using instant messaging as well as learning and receiving training, making stock transactions and arranging travel plans through the Internet has all become part of the daily lives of the Tibetan people.

“The rapid development of Tibet’s communications industry has shortened the distance between Tibet and the inland regions as well as between Tibet and the world. Tibet is no longer remote from the world,” said Zhang Qingli, Party secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region.

By People's Daily Online

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